• Lexi Laughren
    I tried the white pesto and buffalo chicken. Both were really excellent. The white pesto is cheesy and flavorful, I especially liked the buttery ricotta with the pesto. The buffalo chicken has great kick, nicely balanced sauce. The staff is super friendly and I can tell they really care about their food. Plus they were super fast! Cant wait to go again. Excellent service · Great food
    Lexi Laughren
  • Venus Mosley
    I ordered the pizza sub, you have got to try it. I have never had a sub this good before, I give you 10 thumbs up you have got to try Mother TruckinPizza......
    Venus Mosley
  • Tyler J. Snell
    Tonight at Deck the Chairs we stopped to get some hot cocoa and a slice. We could not have been more impressed with the wonderful service we received. We stayed a little while to chat with Mike and his wife about everything from where they are from, to how they got into the food truck business, to their future plans. What a a fantastic couple serving even better pizza. Their generosity and just genuine kindness was such a breath of fresh air after the hectic day we had of christmas shopping. This family and their pizza absolutely made our night and we will be visiting again as soon and as often as possible #mothertruckinpizza #mothertruckinnicepeople #merrymothertruckinchristmas
    Tyler J. Snell
  • Birdy Jones
    My son and daughter-in-law had MTP cater their wedding reception and the pizzas were all AMAZING and vegan. Two members of our party also needed gluten free and raved about their pizzas as well! Highly recommend!! Creative cuisine · Great food
    Birdy Jones
  • Sean Graham
    I do say, i want to thank you, here you got a guy who doesn't like red sauce, but did not want to leave the office for lunch, and i meandered up to your truck and you, instead of being offended that i didn't like red sauce, you patiently led me to your smoked sausage sandwich.....OH.....MY....GOODNESS! From the bread, to the flavor of the sausage to the cheese and peppers and onions....out of the ball park. Thank you, it was awesome.
    Sean Graham